College Grad wit the Gift of Gabb! I #always have something to SAY #TeamEngaged to @Imasonmusic #TeamDEMOCRAT #ICatchFlights! Follow Me I'm a #TRIP!

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#Jabee Posters in my building Thats #Dope

I concur, well im ready 4 the war! & I reside in the only state where all 77 counties went red in 08


#Redhawks Game & Its pleasantly cool out here lolol

Go figure thats the exact wkend we gone be gone smh :( : I'll be down there aug24-26 boo

Ill steal it for you lol I ate 4 of these smh... : I need his recipe tho!"

S/O to #Algebra white boy got BARS!!!

Having a blast at SoundPony wit & we Tipsy af & the music is bomb! shoutout to #Verse

With time all scars heal but when u cheat death you tend to not fear it or anyone else for that matter.

Its an everyday struggle....

My Life Saver after a long ass day Lol

Lawd Jesus I cant even watch all these muscles! It just got sooo Hot In here & I got this b*tch on HIGH!


This is why I Luv my BOSS he's always doing stuff like this who cares if he's a man whore! lol

I wish ah B*tch would I stay Ready!!! Ill #Zombie that Hoe! Lmao!

My lil Hayden bear just waking up from a nap #Playdates

He just makes me #Melt!!! I Love my baby always #Smiling #Lab #Music #Work

My mom & sis act like they getting hitched Why she just drop this off tho grinning all big & shyt lmao!