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Our female Timneh African Grey parrot Tillie loves her cherry tomatoes. She dives into them faster that we can photograph her. Last cherry tomatoes of the #Seattle #Summer.

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A parrot's beak is composed of keratin, the same material that forms a human fingernail. Beak flake from our Greenwing macaw and Diva parrot Roxanne.

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What Car Would Jesus Drive?

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Our Goffin's Cockatoo parrot Kid Kadra, a juvenile delinquent if there ever was one. Wonder what color he's going to be pooping?

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Home Improvement. Repurpose your retired coffee mugs as kitchen sponge or utensil holders:

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Having a bad feather day. Apparently our female Blue and Gold macaw Bubba Boy pressed the molt button yesterday.

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What with spring and all, our parrots have been molting heavily. We've been putting some of the downy feathers outside for the wild chickadees and sparrows. They grab the stuff up before it even hits the ground presumably to line their nests:

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Parrot Feathers Are Endlessly Fascinating! Body feathers from our Ruby macaw Mr. Cracker (above) and our Greenwing macaw Roxanne:

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Our big blue parrot, our Hyacinth macaw Princess Tara, loves napping under her big blue bell:

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Anybody like a Build-Your-Own-Parrot Kit? We have an extra. Our male Blue and Gold macaw Aboo has decided it's molting season:

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Make mine a double tall Americano. Our Goffin's Cockatoo parrot Kid Kadra:

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#SeattleSeahawks 12th Man flag flies over the Space Needle. On to New Jersey where the immovable object will intersect the unstoppable force. Or something like that. Go Seahawks!

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Our Timneh African Grey parrot Tillie says: What is this. A Charles Dickens' Christmas? Where's my food?

  • 974 days ago via site
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The only benefit to the Arctic blast hitting Seattle is the spectacular sunsets the past couple of days. Mt. Rainier towering over Seattle just right of center:

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Just in time for Thanksgiving we've got roses blooming at our Ballard home in North Seattle:

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Our female Blue and Gold macaw Bubba Boy has discovered the heating vent at the bottom corner of her cage. So one guess where she sleeps:

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The other parrots always get better food. Even if it's the same food. Our Hyacinth macaw Princess Tara checking out our Blue and Gold Bubba's food dish:

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Our Hyacinth macaw Princess Tara practicing parrot yoga:

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It's tough being a parrot. Check out the new tail feather sheath on our male Blue and Gold macaw Aboo.

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Introducing 100% Parrot Friendly Zygodactyl Blend whole bean coffee from Exquisite blend of Ethiopian and Brazilian organic, shade grown, fair trade coffee:

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