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I forget how awesome Edinburgh is in December :) #WinterWonderland

I can't, Pete… 'CAUSE THE SUN'S ALREADY OUT IN SCOTLAND ;D ♥ #NoIDontKnowHowEither

Will this pair kill me?! :O ;) ♥

#RandomPicturesFromYourPhone I'm so productive in Maths… :') (And gifted at Art *clearly* ;) )

I see Roy's also having a go… ;) (And taking style tips from Mario, it seems… :P)

#RandomPicturesFromYourPhone You lads make me go like this… ;) ♥

#RandomPicturesFromYourPhone 's & my TLBU attempt at Ayr waiting for :')♥

#RandomPicturesFromYourPhone 's & my attempt at ' TBLU cover :') #SortOf

#RandomPicturesFromYourPhone Actually took this for en route to Work Experience… :')

A spritz of Meow! and… think I'm exam ready - Right, ? ;) ♥

Plus the awesome-est thing to lie back & stare at while having a revision break :')

Had a major Stalker Wall reshuffle by my pillow. :')

Now, just need to fit all this on my Stalker Wall/Ceiling… :P (It needs -ing up :')♥)

I was probably the happiest w/ my haul too 'cause NOW THERE'S A SET :D #SFGGlasgow

Meant to say: Most Wolfcubs got given stuff after Glasgow… But look what I stole! :D

Meeting of the Scottish Wolfcubs after an amazing gig :) ♥ #SFGGlasgow #SFGTour2012

My last costume was Roy Stride (Complete w/ kids keyboard)! :') ♥ #HappyHalloweenSFG

This is a Wolfcub sign, both sides. ;) #SFGGlasgow #SFGTour2012

My sign. I couldn't resist. And you just know Roy LOVED it ;) #SFGGlasgow

Pete, you jealous? ;) ♥