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Daughter of @cumbrianvixens who is in a civil partnership marriage, who are truly amazing people. Work at my parents stables but I’m a trained kayak Instructor.

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I drew this picture for Heidi. I always said I would draw for her. The panda is called Heidi after her

  • 1399 days ago via site
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Sam Mia and Moria have these tucked away in a forgotten order of the spare bedroom *winks*. I like that cover!

  • 1506 days ago via site
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Here is a screen shot of how awesome Skyrim is looking. Taken on camera as steam screen shot function not working!

  • 1518 days ago via site
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I am a happy bunny today! Today I am wearing a brand new slightly gothic dress! Wearing it now! It's awesome! :D

  • 1518 days ago via site
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Birthday Gift from Love Honey lol! This made me smile ha ha!

  • 1561 days ago via site
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Took this picture yesterday. It's my new hunters, for non-work that is. We wear green hunters for work.

  • 1582 days ago via site
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After many months of hunting, I have found it! *clicks add to basket*. Tis like Tarja's "Nemo" coat!

  • 1582 days ago via site
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Here is just one of many items I have just ordered. *wags my cow tail on my cow suit with happiness*.

  • 1582 days ago via site
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Scones are ready to come of the Rayburn and they look amazing. Who wants home made Scones!

  • 1583 days ago via site
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Condoms should be worn during intercourse betweens lesbians over toys. Use common sense, use a condom. #safesex

  • 1583 days ago via site
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SkinTwo order my mothers told me to look for arrived today, I wonder what they have orderd! #SkinTwo #Latex #Toys

  • 1591 days ago via site
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I say YES to lesbian / homosexual marriage. #stonewall #stonewalluk

  • 1592 days ago via site
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Today is #catsuitfriday and so here is my catsuit. Libidex 100% natural latex, black with red trim =^.^=

  • 1707 days ago via site
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My Venison Pie I cooked for dinner tonight for our dinner. It was fantastic.

  • 1734 days ago via site
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Been asked who and what is Loki. So here you go. Here is Loki.

  • 1756 days ago via site
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Happy #catsuitfriday

  • 1756 days ago via site
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Yes I know it's unhealthy but the meat is organic and local. Comfort food on a cold wintery day is always welcome.

  • 1777 days ago via site
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Tonight for dinner I cooked roast chicken, which was enjoyed by all.

  • 1783 days ago via site
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I tried on catsuit and hood ahead of #catsuitfriday Shocking I know. Spent 5 minutes in it to make sure it fitted.

  • 1792 days ago via site
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Lastly here is the new libidex rubber catsuit that also arrived today. #libidex

  • 1792 days ago via site
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