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Sports radio journalist turned social media manager. Responsible for the NFL Twitter ban (http://bloom.bg/uEJtlJ). Host of the @LegacyFighting radio show. #Cray

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even puppies love bayou goo

had a chance to see the great staff behind the space station by visiting mission control!

My sources (the elliptical I'm on) just confirmed that the heat and bucks are playing tonight

in my wallet

my pup Bane. He's in the puppy League of Shadows :)

time to bring this back!

my goat isn't impressed

Sleeping RT how is Bane?

in 1999 I was one of hundreds of awkward teenagers in 9th grade.

Glory be to Odin! We have some water!

We're getting reports of major dish backup in the sink. Stay safe, America. #waterCrisis2012

Update: we're starting to ration food due to #waterCrisis2012

thanks for giving me oral pleasure

Since you're so active...here is the awesome picture