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Here's a picture of a plane being struck by lightning.

Look a pile of kittens :'')

I suspect may be around here..or not

Sigh, a prettier sight than many girls on the TL and anywhere else

Just seen and enjoying a stroll

The timeline right now...

Guise, I have windows 8 and a Mercedes Benz *waits to drown in pussy*

Look at all the Asterix books I have

Also, I'd give up whatever cold, dead shrivelled soul I have for this..or one of yours

The last thing you see in COD most of the time.

That look when you slide in the first time after a long dryspell

Hey ladies, I heard you like six packs...

Seth Macfar...wait what?

David Guett..wait what?

Drake be on that high jump tip

The Dark Drake Rises

Drake and The Beatles crossing Downtown Abbey road

This tee is too cool


Jeeeezus! Look at it, look at iiit!!