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Everyone! You can totally buy Little Big Planet Vita now.

I present to you, 80s Dale:

On 9/11, make sure to read the Baxter Stockman origin story from the original TMNT comics.

My new awesome old Disneyland thing is pretty awesome.

So yeah, at PAX, I bought a set of Indigo League badges.

I'm gonna win this Hit Five lottery. I can feel it in my joints. #420 #ISeeWhatIDidThere

I was just sent this picture of my dogs sitting on my bed waiting patiently for my return from PAX.

So is the orange circle absorbing part of the blue to transport it to the brown? This pattern is stupid. #PAX #Kraken

Side B...or A? Whatever.

Courtesy of , this thing is rad.

I'm genuinely excited to be at this panel.

Tommy and Kimberly are here and I'm assuming it's because they are the best League of Legends team. #PAX

My lanyard is the best one at PAX.

Stoner sidewalk chalk vandals. Pot makes you a criminal. #420

Diamond Trust of London Limited Edition has some neat stuff

How about some 90s Seattle sketch comedy ?

Sunny Delight freezer bar? YES PLEASE.

Restored Fresco Doraemon is the best thing I've seen today.