Carolyn Jones (Cj)


Freelance Project Manager interested in arts, health & tech. Personal Trainer, arts lover, primal eater and happy puncher! Not a geek.

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Wee night of culture. And a glass of champagne. ;)

Can’t work out if this is meant to stop me from working, or prevent me from stopping.

Having a wee drink with and . Wish you were here…

Just getting started at Making the Ask at with and

Howth Rd impassable due to fallen tree!

I’m just an idiot for having 2 coffees after 5. I would play but, I’d be making stuff up…!

I lied!! CHEERS!!!!!

There are no power ballads here.

I need to stay in Korea, because clearly, they have a lot to learn…

A what now?!?!

Anyone know what is being eaten here? Asking for a friend…. *cough*

Fancy a game? Magnavox, Nintendos, Hercules to Diamond Monster graphics.

Geeking out this morning at the Nexon Computer Museum!

Grilled mackerel for dinner tonight. #foodwithaface

Dear god. Send help. If you leave now you’ll get here in time.

Oh god. A pole.

Crikey. Never seen this message before.

This guy. Never nude?

Looks like is packed for Korea.