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Flashed for . Opinions?

  • 592 days ago via site
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Colored it, hope you like it, and it did not take this long. xD just did not do it unntil now. so, what do you think?

  • 601 days ago via site
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Guild Emblem . How does it Look? Left one is Drawn by Odin, Right one flashed by me.

  • 602 days ago via site
  • 27

idk what to Call This Scythe, But it's for CW. Anyways, will Color and Try to shade it later. Opinions?

  • 605 days ago via site
  • 23

's Blade upper one, flashed by me bottom one, How did i do? and i will try to Color And Shade it Tomorrow.

  • 606 days ago via site
  • 33

Upper 's Sword. Bottom one flashed my me. any opinions on how i did? also i added some stuff. idk if it made any difference tho.

  • 607 days ago via site
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Upper one is 's and Bottom is the one flashed by me. how did i do?

  • 607 days ago via site
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Upper Image is Drawn By Bottom one is The Flashed image i made, it did not take 2-3 hours to flash, i was just downstairs and stuff. Opinions on how i did?

  • 607 days ago via site
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Flashed this for a Very Good Friend. How did i do? Left one is Drawn by . Left one is Flashed by me.

  • 608 days ago via site
  • 56

Again, to Show people with Phones the Suggestion. Not my skulls , they're Google images i flashed as best i could. to give Dage an idea of where i was going with this concept.

  • 609 days ago via site
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Ok, Was not happy With the Previous Version (Right one) So fixed on it. . A Concept of what i had in mind of what i want to suggest to your shop, if still possible. Not My Skulls Either, theyære just there to show Dage what i had in mind. They're Google images i tried to flash as best i could.

  • 609 days ago via site
  • 54

Hopefully Those of you who use Phones Now Get to see these items. if not i'll try to fix it again.

  • 609 days ago via site
  • 38

Ok, Close up of the Skulls. As i said, Not My Design, They're Google images i flashed as best as i could, to give Dage an idea of how the Blade were going to look.

  • 610 days ago via site
  • 50

My Suggestion To Dage. Just a Concept, if he decides he wants to use it, he can make as many changes and Add as many stuff he wants. The Skulls are just there To Show him what i was thinking of when i made this.

  • 610 days ago via site
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.... A Present. From me, to you.

  • 614 days ago via site
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AQW On PS Vita. ;D

ok, a sword i made a long time ago, some of you have seen it, but if i would have suggested one of these for AQW, which one would be the best?

  • 626 days ago via site
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ok, what is your opinion on this guys? i am thinking of suggesting it for AQw, but before i do it, i will fix the bottom of the handle thingy first.

  • 635 days ago via site
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hum.... what do you all think? tell me your opinion and which one looks the best, (i did not bother to shade them on both sides for a reason but i will shade them more sooner or later.)

  • 653 days ago via site
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ok, here it is in Twitpic. hope you guys like it! Give me your Opinions! :-) Much Appreciated.

  • 662 days ago via site
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