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How does this look so far? Not Perfect, but i tried. All opinions are welcome.

  • 988 days ago via site
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Messed around in flash and got this as a concept. Opinions?

  • 988 days ago via site
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Ok, Flashed 's sword (Left) And made some changes, (Right) It was ment to be a Legion ish sword i believe, so i did my best. Opinions, good or bad, are welcome.

  • 989 days ago via site
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xD Before and after.

  • 995 days ago via site
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Bad shading, but trying to improve. How does it look? All comments are welcome.

  • 998 days ago via site
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Ok, So this is what i've made in flash lately. How does it look? Am i Improving? Any Comments are welcome.

  • 1004 days ago via site
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My Entry for the Dage Fan Art Contest. Happy Birthday Hope you Like it.

  • 1007 days ago via site
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Left one is 's Right one is the Flashed Version made by me. Not Much shading done tho, Just tried making it look like the Weapon he Drew. Opinions, Positive or Negative are always welcome.

  • 1009 days ago via site
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And again the same guy, when i logged in again.

  • 1010 days ago via site
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Same guy, different room i believe.

  • 1010 days ago via site
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Randomly met this guy in AQW.

  • 1010 days ago via site
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Left one is Made by right one is his Mace flashed by me, Not much shading, but i don't think it needed that much shading either. Opinions, Good or Negative, are always welcome.

  • 1010 days ago via site
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Ok, So after a Few Requestsi i Removed the Other image, and Added some things. How does it look now? All kinds of Opinions are welcome.

  • 1011 days ago via site
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Left Sword is the Flashed version of 's Sword. How did i do? I made some changes, and added some stuff. Negative and Positive comments/opinions are always welcome.

  • 1011 days ago via site
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Ok, So for the next SS i thought of Suggesting this. Or Something else. Either way, Tell me your opinion, Negative or Positive, and which one of these you like the most. They're alike except some colors.

  • 1012 days ago via site
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Fixed the Handle, since Suggested it.

  • 1020 days ago via site
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Ok, I finished this afterall. Not my best work. But oh well. Opinions?

  • 1021 days ago via site
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ok, which one do you guys prefer? Will try to do something about the shading, i need improvements....

  • 1049 days ago via site
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Ok, How does this look? And should i suggest it to AQW, or should it be for DS?

  • 1049 days ago via site
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I hate shading more than anything, and the spikes did not come out good either, but it's a Blade, oh well. Opinions?

  • 1053 days ago via site
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