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So this is Times Square, eh?

Perfect breakfast: eggs, kale, bacon, chorizo, iced coffee. q

It gets worse: drinking beer from Österreich

Also, this guy? He GANGSTA (nsfw)

I know I'm sometimes pretty dumb. But I SERIOUSLY don't get the joke on the cover of today's AMNY. Help?

Poll Of The Day: should I go to town on this jar of Gefilte Fish?

Best cake topping EVAR.

And of course I'm wearing boots ()

Brilliant! There's a gallery in Chelsea named after a famous chess opening

RT's Nastia Churkina reporting live

Is there a more beautiful sight in the world than Nike hi-tops all lined up?

Filling up on Cuban jet fuel

Oh damn. The Apple Store in Miami has an iPad on display (though not for sale)

Aww yeah. Russia Today advertising at the airport!