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The Universe would be well rid. Why i'd have a go at him myself if he'd only not mime through the blasted attempt The Saturnyne comes and goes as he pleases.

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so I shall send a picture of friend Remko instead =)
We liked the graffiti.

or like this: and these are just my whimsical smartphone ones =)

and do they show you their pictures? Or do a little acting, to prove it? I make pictures like this:

there. Taken with my own fair hand on a crappy phone cam


My new photo project!

More green goodness from where I live. Woo!

will these do? (my own pic, too!) x

Bracken shit

Oggelty Coggelty path. That's it's real name =)

Mmm coffee!

Me, and my folks. A long long time ago. <3 them

I am happy. I think i've had enough. =) xxx


Look familiar? Hehe

that is a most heartening thing to hear. I think it deserves a picture!

nono! THIS is us lot

Written on human flesh!

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