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There you have it folks! #Raptors #RTZ

Front row! :) #GeneralMotorsCentre #Oshawa

If u had to choose one before going to the club, which one would it be? #Showtime #Playmaker

This is your brain, and this is your brain on #JerseyShore ... Wait, I'm #GuiltyOfJerseyShoreLove.

Here at and ordered the jerk pork dinner! You heard correct, JERK PORK! Yes, I will critique. :)

Hey I ordered you a pint! Where you at bro??? #JackAstors cc:

The love of my life is all set and ready to go! :)

In order it's , myself and . #MGDGuysNightOut on DO IT! | |

In order it's , myself and . #MGDGuysNightOut on DO IT! | |

Me and my son going nuts at the game! Pic courtesy of :) #Raptors

: by the way don't let Kid Raptor see my last tweet...haha” <--- Check out his reaction! Lol!

Daughter actually posed and said, "Daddy, can you buy this for me?"

You know your jokes are bad when a group of 5 yr olds don't laugh. I mean they really didn't laugh.

Or how about like mine? Hahaha! Just kidding I did it as a joke. Don't think I'm creepy!!! Lol! Erased. :)

Almost done!