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When did Jennifer Love-Hewitt get this????

"Who am I to hold a grudge?" -

"I'm coming home" -

How did I just get kicked off of website tho? Damn...

**see pic** RT : Y'all can get out my face.

And mentions.


RT : I don't even be saying shit, I just be like "mmmmhmmm

The entire country of Brazil is in SHAMBLES right now... #WorldCup2014

**see pic** RT : This is a bad dream!!!

**see pic** RT : Got clothes on and aint going nowhere smh

**see pic** RT : that's NOT true!

See pic --->

Nicki Minaj...... #BETawards

This nigga is Lil Scrappy cleaned up! #BETawards

Put Chris Brown AND Ginuwine together and you get him -->

This nigga selling bean pies!!!!! #FOH #BETawards

Jennifer Hudson brought Tyrese to TEARS! #HeWannaSmashSoBad

Look at Pharrell in this commercial... #BETawards

Usher's hat was that "wild animal thing" that Martin & Pam fought on that resort getaway episode... #BETawards

hey dont forget the zeal you exhibited back in 2010 too! #NeverForget

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