Oderus Urungus


Undying chaos-demon, Lord and Master of Earth, lead singer of GWAR...

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We are getting close to finishing "Oderus Next to Baby-Fire"

Now the first-pass inks are in there I will LIGHTLY erase the visible original pencils.

Name this creature. Creature receives name. Winners receive nothing.

Here is a good way to see the transformation of the rough pencils to the first-pass inks.

GWAR slave head cast of the day is...

Busily filling in detail--done today or that creature behind the chair gets it.

It's been a while since we had an episode of "Art w/ Oderus"...just started a new piece..."Oderus by the Baby-fire".

Greetings cyber-scum! Gimme a RT for all the freaks, geeks, and ultimate bohabs of the GWAR Tribe, wherever you arrrr!

Asking these guys to play our music is like asking Stephen Hawking to play Jenga.

These are merely human slaves that keep our instruments warm...

THEY ARE FUCKING KILLING IT TODAY. I might let these guys take over!

Hey! These kids broke into our practice space and were writing our album for us. Who is that bald dude, anyway?

Awesome neon in the Slave Pit, thanks Neon Charlie!

It's all part of my rock and roll fantasy!!!!

Some fan love!

Memories...like the melted cheeses of my mind...stinky, mango-colored mammeries...of the way we were...

Love these things! GWAR in Buffalo tonight! Also GWAR in a buffalo tonight.

If people only knew what was in this truck...

My Holliston co-star, Dee Snider, in hungrier days! Love ya bro!

420 as hell!