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The legendary Bill Stephenson jamming with The Descendants at RiotFest. Yes, he got really fat.

There's the first ink pass all done. Yip-fucking-pee. Now I have other matters to attend to class dismissed.

Almost done with first-pass inks! Think I'll get baked before I finish it!

And thus does pencil become ink! Now all the pencil lines get the same treatment. This is with India Ink w/ baby blood!

I have lightly erased as much of the pencils as I can and still retain an image to ink from. That's next.

...is so he can fit on a long-sleeve t-shirt with his arms down the sleeves! Indeed!

We can now see Lord Oderus in all of his roughly-penciled glee. The reason he is so oddly proportioned...

Fuck that noise back to the art lesson! Can you tell who it is NOW?

Started new drawing...now who do you this is gonna be?

This is how it ends. Thx boys and girls pack it up. What amazing an GWAR B Q. What did you guys think ?

This is my last pre-show tweet! What are these people doing in this truck????

Our half-assed spew Olympics ruled!!!!

Gotta love these guys!!!

Intense slam pit during Casualties set!

More crowd madness! It is going on RIGHT NOW in Richmond, Va. !!!!!

We got a bonafide festival going on here...Hell yes the GWAR B Q is an official ass-kicking success! GWAR soon!

GWAR B Q crowd! Fuck, maybe I won't kill all of you. Not yet anyway!

The Casualties at the 2012 GWAR B Q! I think it's working!

I am finally back, live from the GWAR B Q! Check out the babes in the GWAR car!

First band, The Burial, is onstage now...that's strange...that guitar player looks familiar...