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Here's my ass-wipe Slave Dave Brockie trying to mack on a troll! Thanks for all the goodies...the crew is still asleep!

There must not be a hell of a lot going on in Timothy McVeigh's least favorite town...these people are moshing hard!

Legacy of Disorder is onstage in Oklahoma City and the crowd is going crazy already. Gonna be a gonzo show tonight!

Not bad for a bunch of humans! Cancer Bats tearing through their cover of "Sabotage".

Cancer Bats tearing it up! We are 100% go here in Dallas! Five weeks of shows, two days off. It's how we live!

This guy gives me a fucking headache...Super Cyborg Jesus!

I really think these next generation GWAR armored suits are almost as good as the stuff Rob Zombie uses!

We came, we saw, we blew load everywhere. Thanks New Orleans for an amazing show!

Love the art at House of Blues...this piece in New Orleans has always been a fave. Poor Bird!

This is another reason New Orleans rules!

Check out this guy! You would think there was a GWAR show in New Orleans tonight. Oh. There is.

This is where I passed out last night. Now its today. Ready to fuck shit up again!

This is how tight the stage is tonight..guitar world is in the bathroom.

We are underway in Atlanta! If you aren't here, then chances are...you live elsewhere!

Scene from earlier today...the pansy...

Gotta love this guy!

There will be a press release and a picture of the rest of him in just a couple days...til' then here's some Slaves!

Checking out Kepone over Allen's bald head...

Rise Against at RiotFest. Zach Blair has a certain history with us...love the man! And yes thats not typical me!

Here's the backstage at RiotFest. No, that's not a nuclear explosion, just a video screen!