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Some may know me as Kurt Adonis, or as Kurt Juszczyk....or as just Kurt. Anywho, I have an interesting life and some interesting thoughts...

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Raggy is feeling the spirit of the Holiday...yes, this picture caught him in the middle of quite the 'meow' #MyCatRules

Would Demolition have been as successful with Randy Colley as Smash instead of Barry Darsow? #ThingsWeWillNeverKnow

how did most get their CV's? Well, previously viewed of course! #WhatHappenedToVideoStores

WOW, I can get 8 Minute Abs AND 8 Minute Buns on VHS for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling? #ILoveOldCommercials

We just got done putting up our very #Disney themed holiday decor! Mickey, Stitch and a monorail....oh my! #LovingLife

With all the attention going to Dog Shows today, my cat #Raggy decided to declare himself the Gold Medalist of all pets

chat w/ Stevie Richards on Prodigy! who would have thought that internet thing would be so powerful?

Got 'humbled' by last night....heck, I can laugh about it and am PROUD I overcame My Extreme Animal Phobia!

Best part of a damaging winter storm? Make your own 2x4's!!!! #ToughGuy Hooooooo!

I guess you just never never know....who would have ever guessed my #cat Raggy had a secret life and is a little devil!

WOW, looks what I just walked past! Yes kids, this is what a computer looked when I was a kid! #Commodore

Why does 'The Red Barron' on the pizza package look so much like #IronSheik ?

This is DISGUSTING....christmas decorations out in the stores already??? What about halloween and thanksgiving???

I think it is very nice to see #Chilis wants to be BFF's with all of their customers! #IFeelHonored #ThatsALotOfBFFs

FINALLY got my chance to meet my childhood hero & true inspiration to get into wrestling....the one and only HULK HOGAN

BIG NEWS! Check me out on Animal Planets new show 'My Extreme Animal Phobia' premiering Oct 21st at 10PM.Please RT 4 me

Celebrating the four year anniversary with the LOVE of my life today....what an amazing 4 years its been!!! #GreatShirt

this is one of my favorite spots at #DisneyHollywoodStudios. Hulkamania is running wild!!!!

There are kids walking by this wondering 'what is that'? #TheyStillMakeThese #Disney.I remember when they cost a dime

BREAKING DISNEY NEWS.... masked executioner is part on #ItsASmallWorld ....hide the kids, we are having a GREAT time!!!

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