My picture makes me look like a hippie who's always outside, and my tweets make me sound like a geek who never leaves his computer.

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. Arden loves having a brother, but doesn’t understand why she can’t drag him around the house like a doll.

This is what William looks like. Thanks for your patience.

Arden is 18 months old today. What an amazing change in a year and a half!

"Every single bear we see is a he bear or a she. Every single bear we see thinks gender is a binary." #booksfrom1974

At some point, a person actually said "My book will teach babies what an abacus is!" And no one stopped them.

This is what Arden was doing when I left this morning.


#67weeks Arden is eating in a booster seat for the first time. She loves it! Meals will be happy for AT LEAST 3 days.

Arden makes beautiful art, and then she destroys it. Very zen.

Via Alicia, pictures of Arden reading. These are AMAZING. #concentration #makeshiftchair

Via Alicia, pictures of Arden reading. These are AMAZING. #concentration #makeshiftchair

Things that interest Arden right now include mittens and chairs. #62weeks

Today we gave Arden sticks to hit with. I can’t see how we’d ever regret this.

Arden has a cold, so this is a fussy birthday. But she ate a whole birthday cupcake, & the next few hours were great!

One year ago, at this very minute, everything changed forever. Happy birthday, Arden!

One of the best parts of my #boardgame party: The Trajan cake. (It’s a great game, AND a great cake.)

Arden at #37weeks: I’ve been taking her out to the lawn this week. It took some getting used to, but she loves it!

Arden’s first trip to Melt!

Arden at #30weeks: She crawls anywhere she wants, but falls over a lot. Also, she just threw 10 spoons on the floor:

Elmo has been imprisoned (melted down?) into some sort of #tortureball. Is this accepted Sesame Street canon?

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