Adam Dickinson


Arsenal/Steelers fan, love Morrissey, horror movie fan, one time Anarcho-pacifist, tall,bald&bearded, Honourary Prestonian, simian-bothering vagrant.

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Tequila with worms: definitely a bad idea!

Tequila with worms was a bad idea

Tequila with worms in it. Bad idea!

Latest addition to the man-cave (still in early stages). £2 from the local tip.

No house should be without an owl cushion... Appatently. As made by Kim

Girraffe toy that Kim has made for my youngest bro's impending first-born

Just your average Friday afternoon on the M6 southbound. Sucks!

One of the sunflowers has finally flowered, possibly a little late in the year.

Tv in bed. Wicked bad.

Weekend beers

On the way back from the boozer, I picked myself up a couple of beers. But not these, because they look unappealing

Had my doubts about this badboy. It tastes festive.

Water feature added to pond

Marshmallow beer - what's not to like?

couple of week off beers

Kim's chocolate fondant cupcakes

It failed tragically as a herb garden, let's see how it does as a pond.

New chair. Also comfy!

New sofa! Comfy!

some post-gardening beers, or if it rains again, post-dinner beers