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Young Aspiring Entrepreneur.. Well i'm allowed to dream aren't i? I'm a real sucker for reality TV #TeamBlackberry #TeamLondon ★☆ If you like me 079 me.. ☆★

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How did I just spend 20 quid on hair products? Ohhh I know.. because of deals like this #superdrug

Erm if u read carefully u'd see it was at the Manchester Selfridges store! #getitright ;-)

Happy 22nd Birthday cuzzy!!!!! #nomnomnom

Discovered this very unique TICK SHAPED #McDonalds chip in my box of chippys!

I'm drinkin' ruuuum + rehhhhd boool with outta a KFC cup coz wer badmans like that #classy

I'm drinkin' ruuuuum + rehhhhd boooool!!!! Outta a KFC cup coz I'm a badman like that #classy

Knowing I was having a bad day today, my staff at work brought me this to cheer me up! HOW SWEET! :)

Quite possibly just served at work the BEST look-a-like I ever did see! Anyone agree?

Whatever your definition of the term "SWAGGER" may be..There's no denying that this family has IT!!!


Chilling with the Besties ..couldn't resist..YUMMY 4 my tummy! #sexilicious

If this is the kinda thing I'm missing out on at #Carnival .. then I'm glad I'm working! #vom

I wanna partayy and bull-ish and partayy and bull-ish ... RITA ORAAAA INIT!!!!

I wanna partayy and bull-ish and partayy and bull-ish

Look at this tart #lol

And wer off! Sexy beaches, Sexy peeps..WOAH we're goin to IBEETZA! #ibiza2012 #leggo

Mmmmm sure do provide when it comes to food.. I'm stuffed!!!!

Wooohooo I bagged a window seat!!!!

Errrrrm what happened to the other half of my fruit salad chewit? I feel cheated

What is the world coming to?!? #NoPantyDay

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