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Life ain't easy for a boy named Jocelyn.

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"I'm in a bad way today" - Joe Goody.

How do you make a night in a gay bar even gayer? Partying with Garath Gates should to it..

Kept telling this guy that he wasn't 'lil Chris... I think I was wrong.

Higher glass. Up your game.

Long dog is long.

Fucking genius. #puntastic

No one will ever understand how big this moment was.

Primitive "Draw Something". How the hell is this Men in Black?

Had a pasta king. What a day.

He didn't even get the message..

Joss: 1 - claw machine: 137 #pullingitback

Charmaine for the win!!!


So many pictures.

This is where Travis keeps his jam. Obviously.

True northener now. :-)

What a bargain.

Long afternoon writing an essay..

'First experience with a woman..' ()

I worry about this library. :-P