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Chef, Drummer, Golfer, Gooner (Est. 1979), design dilettante, misanthrope. Frequently rows out to Bollocks Island. Owns @TandCakeCafe / writes for @Examiner

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Brie en croute with poached quince. Autumness!

First bicicletta in 4 years. LONG overdue. #Campari has to be one of my very favourite flavours.

- more unearthing has been done. You little angel…

Had ptarmigan in Iceland once. Magnificent. Also had puffin, which was awful. Plus, they’re cute.

Automne, je t’aime… #coings #quince #quitten

The North, a couple of minutes ago:

Most fun I’ve had on the iPad in YEARS. Glitchy, wobbly, brilliant; it’s 100% insane. One for .?

Refined the chicken tikka lasagne. Honestly, we all laughed at Iceland, but this is a brilliant, sacrilicious dish.

Nighty-night. Don’t have nightmares…

Sod bongos. Get the full kit. Cheddar load of that!

I get the message.

Belly pork, braised in weißbier then roasted / potato knödel / Savoy cabbage / ’s smoked butter

I have rocked tidy knitwear ever since. I mean, look at this sweet number.

Let’s play ‘Spot The

The Bahamas Cohiba Appreciation Society Convenes.

Test: peanut butter caramel pudding, bullace jam, vanilla ice-cream.

Finally, shamefully, just got round to reading ’s brilliant book. Big food.

SHOPKEEPER: That’ll be £58.50, please

ME: Why, certainly. Do you accept the card?


This morning, writing a piece on cakes and oranges. Intravenous caffeine. And, as I’m home alone, v loud

Safe trip, Sir! Watching your stately progress across E Europe.