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Out of curiosity, I did a sort by playcount in iTunes. I found the results a bit surprising…

Strawhats back at it finally! #OnePiece

This just comes off as desperate.

Rock and roll! Now I just need to provide a good or service!

Line for iPad 2 at Rosedale.

Blue and Black poly, with belts this time. #solongfools

Deep frying some samosas to go with the strawberry milkshake. Is it a good idea? I'm guessing yes.

Wellp, here they are. A couple hiccups, but they still turned out super delicious! /cc


Home made whipped chives & cream cheese + Triscuits! Yey!

The Rockits are being held at 0 pts by the Dagger Dolls’ solid defence.

Gots my sugru in the mail! #solongfools

Sweet Company! #solongfools


Got some sweet space gear! #solongfools

Only 2/3 cup from two pounds of bacon? I'll have to find a fattier brand next time.

I got my USB cigarettes! Now alls I need is my rocket and space suit. So long, fools! I am a space man now.

Excess Pie Crust French Fries. With "ketchup" (strawberry jam), and "Special Dippin' Sauce" (melted butter).

To do it right, you got to boil it in Lard. You can say "manteca" because it sounds better:

Wilford Brimley says. cc/

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