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Not procrastinating at all...

Not procrastinating at all...

Jane you seen my piratey antics?

alas I am not at work. I am however going to play ball with this!

Best image you'll see all day. Carey and Hawkins.

This happened today. Fanks

I know it doesn't look it but there's a ten foot drop under that. Soon it will be mine... SOON.


For found in Staithes

For found in Staithes (north Yorkshire)


Still giggling...

alls I has to say is ...

Alls I has to say is ...

Hur hur...

First proper ride. Did 5 miles. Not too shabby to say I have the fitness of lard

The skies all weird looking

Oi an absolute bastard


The ceiling fan controls in my father's conservatory were to high to reach. Rather elegant solution!

Essentials bought