Jasjit Sahota


17 Years Old. CHS. Senior.

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The poem Maple's mom wrote translated. It's been a year and a half almost & I still cry thinking about it.

Does anyone besides me see a resemblance? No? Just me? Okayyy & Salman Khan

Does anybody besides me think they look somewhat a like? No? Just me? Okay.

These lyrics from the song Wanted by Hunter Hayes remind me of what we used to be like. <3 I love this song.

My thoughts for a year now, and yet I still can't manage to just let him go. My heart won't let him leave.

Stole it from , but its exactly how I am with my "friend".

Well would you look at that. ;D #Husband

The most handsome actor ever. I will marry this kid <3 who needs a boyfriend when you can stare at him all day long (:

This sums up what love really is. <3 as much as I hate seeing you with her, I'm glad your happy.

This is just exactly what is needed right now. But this kid lives Wayy to far

I hecka forgot to send it! My bad

I get told I'm beautiful all the time but when I'm given a rose along with it. Nothing can make me feel better.

The things that are on my mind when I get bored and can't think straight.<3

By far the cutest thing he's done.<3

I can seriously see him saying this.

This is what I do when I get bored..