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Did you just mention this fine brew? You are truly a man of distinction!

I've noticed I've not posted too many Disney pics lately. Gonna try to make up for that over the next 13 days. Hee

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Looks like is so powerful, he's starting up the Peoplemover again! Sam Here's waiting

  • 1800 days ago via site
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Since I was reminded by that today is Mansionversary #42, I wanted to pay homage. Don't tell a soul!

  • 1810 days ago via site
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. Very jealous you're going to be at this place later today. If you actually see Disneygeek.com, say hi 4 me.

  • 1814 days ago via site
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The Mansion at 9am on July 23. Forecast : 77% sunny, with a 23% chance of possible creepiness.

  • 1815 days ago via site
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I have it on good authority this was drawn by Bill Justice True? Fact from Daveland and pic from Disneygeek. Thx.

  • 1817 days ago via site
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This is what Doug Krikorian looks like when he's not wearing a kilt. #whitepantswednesday

  • 1821 days ago via site
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Does anyone know if Matterhorn is running yet? This is what it looked like 2 weeks ago, thx 2 Disneygeek. #Desolate

  • 1821 days ago via site
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If you like trains, puns, and toys, make sure you get out to DCA before Sun. Engine Ears Toys closes July 31.

  • 1822 days ago via site
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From here, you should be able to see the Golden Gate (before), Grizzly Peak, Carthay construction and the NEW sign.

  • 1825 days ago via site
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I am ashamed to post this pic now, but July's not over yet...Happy Belated B-Day, Disneyland!

  • 1825 days ago via site
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Allow me to introduce, thanks to Disneygeek.com, Trader Sam, The HEAD salesman of the Jungle Cruise. Also has a bar.

  • 1839 days ago via site
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Here's the other competitor in the Battle of the NEW DCA Costumes! No female Mermaid CM's around. Voting open!

  • 1866 days ago via site
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Battle of the NEW DCA costumes! First up, Goofy's Sky School. Thanks to Disneygeek.com. New challenger posts soon!

  • 1866 days ago via site
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These are the first people to "officially" ride Star Tours 2.0 at #Disneyland. 8:15am on June 3rd. Thx, Disneygeek

  • 1875 days ago via site
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Not much better than a Grand Slam, except a FREE birthday Grand Slam! Thanks,

Goofy's Sky School is set to open July 1 at DCA. Here's a great shot courtesy of Disneygeek. Mulholland no more.

  • 1884 days ago via site
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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away...you had to go through a full body security scan!? Thx Disneygeek

  • 1885 days ago via site
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A not-so-hidden Ariel from DCA's rotunda. Thinking of re-tiling my shower. Thanks to disneygeek.com for the pic.

  • 1886 days ago via site
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