Trez Fullerton


23,Immature,Whedonverse , Im going to take an Ashley Davies stand and say 'im not into labels' Irish.But the northern kind.Wish my accent was nicer.

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lawl think this guy had been listening to carley raes song a bit too much

youre missing out america #bansheebones

my friends dressing like this

top came.

wow been a long time since i have been in a rship. :(

look at that we angelic face #mypuppy

like the ten year old screamed at this and i was like ok turn this off.and i thinj i like scarred her for life #ats #smiletime

i really miss faith.especially all bad ass in angel. #faithlehane #fivebyfive

the madre got me dominos and yahoo choc milk cos been in my room all day with sore tummy. love her!!

first watch of that and i remember it scared thee crap out of em #btvs

how cute is that dog #btvs

deffo forgot he was in #waynesworld

ahhhhh there she is #ripperstreet

jumped from my corner of the land between the stairs...between that so sore

my bender jayne t shirt.i had it zipped uo so he'd be like "im watching you"

not a single person in the is only midday after all

id go straight for him #envergjokaj #community

i dont know i know she was beat up and fed sandwiches lol thats r jenny

20. and the i had enquired at the places in belfast and they where saying tween 30-40.hes good

is it that??