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Well, it took ten minutes, but SVU delivered.

The girlfriend and I try to stick to the most intellectually stimulating conversations. Thank you very much.

OK. So maybe we're not the best roommates. [Kinda NSFW?]

My girlfriend and I have some of the most rewarding conversations.


OK, yeah. Maybe a little bit. Gears of War 3 beta visualized.

Are you a Dtoid user who is feeling stressed? Unmotivated? Crushed by the weight of your own genius? Keep Calm wallpaper!

I was watching the at work and paused it to answer the phone. The face I came back to is one of terror.


Oh fuck, I almost forgot it was new comic book day!

Well, this was my desktop, but I had to change it because I couldn't stop laughing every time I minimized something.

I believe you were looking for Boba Fett related backgrounds for your new phone?

I believe you were looking for Boba Fett related backgrounds for your new phone?

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I paused to re-read a portion of a script and my cat stepped on my keyboard. I shooed her away, the following keys were pressed.

This is what I stare at 22 hours out of the day. #mydesktop #ilikethingsfancy

A man held a loaf of bread like a weapon as riot police approached during a protest in Tunis

Stiltman #MvC3 #shouldhavebeen

Yeah, our crafty friend made us both custom wallets. He went with Doop, but I'm happy with my choice.

Also, hey everybody. Let's get serious. My girlfriend and I wish you a Merry Christmas dressed in our Christmas best.

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