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GW. South. DC. I blog and read and play trumpet and think about stuff while going on long walks and occasionally I'll rap like a white boy.

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is a force to be reckoned with.

shady chocolate factories here too!

Dunka-freaking-roos man. #nostalgia

Lmfao mom got me a coming home present.

Sippin' dat bubble tea in En Why Cee with Matt Ree.

Whoever decided to park the BIG CHEESE truck right next to the "Socialism is a sin" protest is a very smart man #dclife

This is the strangest and shadiest want ad I've ever seen.

This is the strangest and shadiest want ad I've ever seen.

. What a winner.

This'll probably get me through a week of college.


Part 1 of my Teach Myself to Cook Before College extravaganza: Molé Enchiladas!

Waiting for .

I snuck back in so I could get my carpet back. BUT THEY TOOK IT ALL AWAY. Oh the humanity.

likes to brood while he eats his cake. oger

Vegetarian Fish.

The ketchup packet has been redesigned for the 21st century. Hallelujah.

modeling his new favorite shirt. We got matching ones for me and too <3

we're getting you this.

If you're going to rip off Coldstone Creamery, at least come up with a better name.

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