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Son, Brother, Student. Hat addict, shoe aficionado, gum connoisseur, future Squatcher.

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Lions cup cozy: check. It's game time!! #GoLions

I'm no Business major, but something doesn't seem right here. #reducingyoursavings #sweetkicks

Just another day crossing the 45th parallel. No big deal. #clutchphotojobfromthebackseat #noslowingdown #madskillz

Back in the Mitten.

Well this makes it official, time to be mature. First order of business is to buy a watch and an umbrella. #gradufied

I might have just found my new workout shirt. #sotrue

Bacon jerky?!? Where have you been all my life?

I guess this officially means I'm grajueighteen. #givememydiploma #lookoutworld

I guess this officially means I'm grajueighteen. #givememydiploma #letmeouttahere

Even though it's cooler out (phone says 44), this is still a nice outdoor temp to see.

You know black Friday has gone to far when Porta-johns are outside of best buy for the nut jobs.

Saw this bumper sticker at the mall today. So...I guess they aren't a winner?

Front pegs and training wheels. My kinda bike.

A 6 pack of green peppers.#oneofthesethingsisnotliketheother

A 6 pack of green peppers. # oneofthesethingsisnotliketheother

This cheeseball obviously spent to much on rims. #IThinkWereGonnaNeedABiggerBoat

And on the last trip by, I finally get a decent picture of the sign! #nohands #noblur #nocars #clutchphotographer

Goodbye Oscoda. It's been a blast as usual. See you next summer!! Good day for 12 hrs in the car.

Just another beautiful night in Oscoda. #SmallTownLiving

Crossing the Mackinac. #BackintheMitten

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