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Stringer together of sentences. Novels include Eleven, Everything Is Sinister, and Doctor Who: Night of the Humans.

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Did I mention that I love my mother-in-law?

Three Cardiff men wearing shorts and flipflops. Because it's *sunny*.

#PopeFrancis... An "informal" pope, according to the BBC.

It's only Chris De-fucking-burgh! (Except it isn't!) #StarsInTheirEyes #Challenge

Challenge are showing 'Stars In Their Eyes'. Get in.

Great parking. #StayClassyCardiff

Quite literally walking into the sunset.

Birthday books, courtesy of , and & ! #WorldBookDay

Slightly better pic of that card! (And yes, I will be getting a new phone shortly.)

Prize for strangest bday card so far goes to this brilliant one from . German ceremonial helmet & books.

Canton must be home to Britain's only ballet/tae kwon do school. #StayClassyCardiff

No work-related emails means I can plough on with research. Which is good, because this is my research pile.

The problem with using pre-2001 clip art...

...Not in the style of 'Batman & Robin', I hope. #HouseOfCards

Be warned. These are *insane*. Like jellied sulphuric acid.

Using this train journey to plough on with Middlemarch. If there isn't a car chase or Mexican standoff soon I give up.

I'm this far into Middlemarch. I've been reading it since early December. The 1994 TV series is on Netflix, yeah?

About to brave outdoors, so I've donned my Sundance gear. This hoodie is the warmest item of clothing known to man.

Waiting for the Boyf to finish his first day at t' big library.

My friend's daughter Alex, aged 9 reading your handiwork. (She had it for Christmas.)