Fresh HEIR #SIXTEENSUNDAY: Spitting atleast 16 bars for 16 weeks...started 1.2.11...ending 4.17.11... The Mixtape Collection - Realease Date #May1st

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I got the business card of U2's manager!! And he was tellin me how him Jay-Z are tight!!

I never thought I'd make it here... #ThePrestige

I think I might be near the hood of Boston!

Idk how I would pull this Prada denim v-neck off, but I would keep it in the armoire fa sure!

On my "A" game...

#SixteenSunday The Mixtape coming NEXT WEEK!!! #May1st #May1st #May1st!!! Come to the release party at 32 Degrees

We got doin the intro in the booth!!!

This sweater is ill!!

That thing is sickening look at the trunk!

Ferrari California outside my gig.... as would say #expensivethings

it's all good my dude! Here's the flyer...

When I rap I know who loves it!!...

When I rap I know who <3's it!!...

RT : Forreal tho?!? I'm dude now?!? #OhArd Lol << Stop that Feek! Lol! U tryna start a twitter beef lol!

If ur gonna cuff ur lady for Valentines Day try these fellas!!

Me & at the Mitchell & Ness event at Ubiq on Friday...always a good convo with the homie!

Me and Nai of at the Mitchell & Ness event Friday!! s/o on the flicks!!

NEW!! #SixteenSunday - The SHOW "Dark Fantasy" freestyle!! Listen on ur phone!! YouTube - Cover Art -

2nd wk of #SixteenSunday pic for ur collection! Photo by Eric J. Henderson called "Slick City Street, Shiny Sleep"

Me & chillin!!

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