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Aria Fresca, Vino Puro, una Fica Stretta, e un Cazzo Duro

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In other news.. Christmas lights are up at the brogna residence.

doesnt know what a Thanksgiving Hangover means.

Thought you'd appreciate. #nopantsafterthanksgiving

Sometimes after a long thanksgiving meal you just gotta get comfortable.. #nopantsafterthanksgiving

YOU TRYIN TO GET JACKED??!? Patrick O'Reillys daily regimen.

Thursday night enthusiasm via pat

No seats in the theatre right now..

Sofia and Migelooch running the park where I played as a youngster.

Rutgers Mens Basketball is BACK

Roommate tension is never good... Especially here at the delafield.

Openen up the delafield tonight...judging by pats enthusiasm in this picture you can see, Shits getting real

First family dinner at the Delafield

Theres something wrong with you when you think this is a suitable underwear...for a 26 year old man

This is what straight gs look like at a young age...

First time cooking at school...highly eatable indeed

This is what you call a cute little baby taking a mid-day nap.

Shout out to my fellow pecan pie lover welcome to it alongside blueberry crumb ice cream get with it

What do you know about lobster mac and cheese with truffle oil? Partake in Culinary Glory with me..

First game of madden 12.. Softness and mike got kanye wests workout plan for four quarters

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