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Fuck bitches, get money or as i would so kindly put it disregard women, acquire currency

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Icantbelieve this is victorias secret!!!

Aarrons mom made me lunch for work. Cute

Icantbelieve this is victorias secret!!!

#Icantbelieve this is victorias secret

Fuck yea

Its fuckinnn hottt

From steven theodore. To you.


Awwe yeeeh

I gotta feelin, sombodys watchin meeeee #IGetNoPrivacy

Office space.

Gangstah as fuck on 8 mile. #Not



Doin it big

Bah-da-dadada-da-buh-bahbah afro, dahdah rainbow, buhbuh afro.

My dad was the original black hipster. #OG

My heart.

Surgery Swag