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Leather shorts and boots. Oh yes she did.

strip pool?

Dear fat tourist, there were plenty of seats when you got on the train. This leg proximity is unacceptable. #subway

These guys are showing an awful lot of leg to be wearing ties. Must be a sports team at Columbia U

Why is a TJ Maxx moving in on 8th ave at 57th? #nothanks

This is why you get to the Eagle early on Sundays. (this is the line for the rooftop)

Guy in the pic: "Are you Italian?"
: "Cuban."
guy: "Even better."

is gonna a DIS-ASS-TUH! #openbarabuse

White people love eating outside. I'd get attested.

The lighting in this bathroom was irresistable.

Bill o'reily is in a gay bar!

I waited 9:30-9:42am at 175th St for an A train to arrive. My fellow passengers and I were not amused.

This little boy is wearing a purse. #onthetrain

Look at what her shirt says!

She wins the RG of the Year award!

Guess that answers that question...

What I have to deal with at Pieces karaoke. #drinksare4dollars

RIP ATE ave... (that was quick)

Morning workout pump. #gratuitous