Nothing is as soft as water, yet who can withstand the raging flood? -Lao Ma, Xena; Only The Gentle Are Ever Really Strong. #BrainTumors never go away.

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My cup looks like it got tagged in the hood! #LeanLikeaCoffee

Just cause you throw fajita meat in a pita then add tatziki sauce does not make it a shwarma wrap! #WTF

Revolving Sushi: Accomplished!

I like mine! Heh

Seriously?! You're gonna leave a partially eaten banana out on the table like someone will want it?!

This made my day! Thank you to ! <3 Perfect for my 2nd birthday! :D

King John is feeling festive tonight...

And they say Santa isn't black...

"Uh oh, uh oh, I lost my sunglasses!!!" They're on top of your head weirdo! LOLz

Majestic. #NoFilter

Seriously ?! Two registers only with long lines at store no. 2096 !? Poorly managed!!!

Does this count as seeing a musical in NY, but at the American Airlines terminal?! #CloseEnough LOL

That is SO Filipino! LOL

OMG that was you at the David Yost panel in the back?! You had to walk around me & !

Crossed off from my bucket list: Meeting & hugging at #BentCon! *squeals* ;D #PowerRangers

David Yost aka Blue Power Ranger at #BentCon! :D

, Store 2162 didn't update PLU on $5 Fridays Satsumas! Caught overcharge! #ExtremeCouponing

So sad! No trick or treaters came. At. All! :(

Not bad at my first non-pretied bow tie EVAR for 's Angel's Night 2013! #FTW

Woot! at !