I'm a Beast, Living in a World where you can't make permanent decisions in an temporary environment. - TheBeast32 

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And Ladies... #Google 'n for a pic


I would love to see you in these.. or should I buy'em for your Bday gift or Christmas ?? lol

so.. When are they gonna add some color to there Cheerleading roster ?? lol

#RanDumb "dinner was good, now time for desert. #BeastMoDe baby. (in my 2Pac voice..) screaming #ThugLIFE ! #YoYo

#RanDumb "Breakfast of CHAMPS. Peanutbutter & Jelly. Who else you know living on the edge?! #ThugLIFE #YoLo baby

#Instagram - thebeast32 #Click_nFollow #Instagram - thebeast32 #Thanks

"I stay being a #Classic !

#HappyFathersDay text from my lil princess.. who is out of state traveling visiting family. #GodKnows I Miss you!

#HappyFathersDay to all my daddy's out their who provide "All" for there lil loved ones.. God

#RanDumb " #Hibachi dinner then a movie. Fathers day gift to myself.. Mmmmyummy, toast everyone, its dinner time"

#RanDumb "Who else you know uses's our current president face as a coaster?!" #ThugLife baby LoL haha j/k

"Yo I really fck'n thought this was you when I was scrolling dwn my #TL smh phuuueew

#LightSkin niggaz ? He's not only a client.. but he's also the President!! LoL haha

#LightSkin Niggaz ? #Winning ? LoL ok.. I guess.

Joey.. Purple Wu-Tang tape table outside by the pool deck!??? lol

Just thought this was funny.

my hoefax says is no Fck'n Diva.. she lives off her parents fck'n bum

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