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Behind the scenes: and take a break and pose for the camera. #BachelorPad

More shirtlessness to go around with and . They might be wearing pants.

Is talking to #BachelorPad contestants or himself? #InternationalManofMystery

Spoiler alert: #BachelorPad was all part of 's dream.

Spoiler alert: #BachelorPad was all just a part of

#BachelorPad's secret contestant doesn't sneak into pools, he guards them from intruders.

Our bloggers and on this week's #BachelorPad. Hint: Dave does not write the fashion blog.

"Shirtless" as defined by and Kirk. #BachelorPad

It's Thursday, have this behind the scenes picture of and !

If I had a nickel for every tear on the #bachelorpad tonight I'd have a ton of nickels.

Ghosts don't come out for seances, but they do love Ouija boards and spelling. #BachelorPad

We may or may not determine the next Bachelor via the egg toss game. #Bachelorpad

Our man is serious...about not using sunscreen on his head. #Bachelorpad

#BachelorPad contestant gives us his best "What? Me worry?"

Who's got 2 thumbs and paint all over him?

Any fans out there? Fans of abs are also welcome. #BachelorPad

Would you live at the #bachelorpad if you knew there was going to be so much drama?

The #bachelorpad pool is actually filled with tears.

"Hold on loosely, but don't let go" does not apply here. Hold on and don't let go. #38Special #bachelorpad

Ladies are ready to be held uncomfortably. #awkwardintroductions #bachelorpad