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Were you happy to see her? Do you think was?

Impromptu yoga is better than no yoga at all...right? #Bachelor

Not pictured: anyone without a tan #Bachelor

Another beautiful day for a group of beautiful women in San Fran! #TheBachelor

Fireworks always look better on #TheBachelor!

It looks like might be taking up professor duties in that sweet jacket. #Bachelor


On a very special date the #Bachelor girls decided to steal a very old car. It made great television. #BachelorGTA

RT : Sent behind the scenes pics to post later and we will also send pics of later tonight #bachelor

Just and his dog Scotch! #TheBachelor

This picture reminds me of Spy vs. Spy in Mad Magazine. Both of them are holding knives we can't see.

It's possible they were going to a date at a nuclear testing facility. #BachelorYear2120

The best part about being a #Bachelor contestant? Drinking in the backseat of a fancy car.

Cute #Bachelor moment of the night? You decide!

It's like the camera isn't even there! These girls seem comfortable.

#Bachelor Ben is here and he's brought his charm and, yes, wine.

3 fine ladies with plenty of seating to choose from choose one corner of the couch. #TheBachelor

Ben looks nervous. But isn't that threatening.

It looks quiet...too quiet...#BachelorPad

They look confused because they have no idea where their shirts are.