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Video game journalist for X-Play, anime & manga goddess, host of G4 Interactive and AX Live, aspiring manga writer, shoe fiend.

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Lunch with ...And I took a photo to be all meta.

  • 2479 days ago via phone
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I'm case you ever wondered what this anime goddess used as her wall paper at work.

  • 2479 days ago via phone
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Of course gets cookie payment for taking the picture of co okie penance.

  • 2488 days ago via phone
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Enjoying 's cookie penance.

  • 2488 days ago via phone
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One of my favorite places: Dave's Rock Shop in Evanston, IL. Bough t a Moldevite ring. +5 magic attack bonus.

  • 2497 days ago via phone
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Apparently Baker's Square is still in business. Used to go there a fter every show.

  • 2498 days ago via phone
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For this morning's bus ride.

  • 2507 days ago via phone
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It's nice to find bags of manga on your doorstep. Tonight's tash.

  • 2510 days ago via phone
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The C0D2 virus has hit G4...I fear I may be the only survivor.

  • 2516 days ago via phone
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Lookie what George got!

  • 2516 days ago via phone
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Here's what Del Rey sent me today. I wish they'd send me actual ma nga again.

  • 2517 days ago via phone
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It's the pumpkin! Spooky!

  • 2522 days ago via phone
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Tweeting a photo of the panel talking about tweeting m eta!

  • 2523 days ago via phone
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  • 2523 days ago via phone
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I can't activate my Pre until I can use a land line at work tomorrow, so here's a picture of Shaz in my kitty hat.

  • 2531 days ago via site
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The silliness begins agaaaaaaiiiinnnn!!!

  • 2544 days ago via site
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Lookie what Random House sent me! Er...dunno what I could do it it. Maybe I'll send it to Will. He'd like it.

  • 2588 days ago via site
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Here's what I got from my editor this morning. I cringe to see Eiki Eiki's name again.

  • 2594 days ago via site
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The G4 soda machine mystery thickens...

  • 2615 days ago via site
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Things are getting a little strange in the 3rd floor kitchen...

  • 2616 days ago via site
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