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Lady statistician what likes your general sort of nerdery and doing some crafts and that. I am interested in being your friend!

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Glee! , just you wait til the webcam I ordered come for hangouts.

Freakishly long fry. Like, whoa.

He crazy.

Jon did not appreciate my attempt to improve his crappy costume.

Reppin' Nathaniel Hawthorne at this Halloween-themed party.

How Hester Prynne would have done her nails, had she the means to do so.

Plum and almond tart. Nom nom nom.

Chillin' at the work lake. Which is like working.

These colors don't chip. Thumbs are fireworks, don't really show up.

Like, every spider.

Playing dress up with my sister.

Nails: did. Let's commence to partying!

True fact.

These are the most ridiculous nails I have done.

Keeping it fabulous.

Wow, they turned this out fast.

I did a pretty bangin' carrot cake today.

Magnus is the best cat. Just saying.

Oh frabjous day!

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