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Writer. Lover. Bastard. Failed Thinker. Most guys say they're what God got women for Christmas. I'm definitely what he got em for April Fools' day...

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May the force be with you, discuss.

Kosh kosh kosh kosh...I've never been sure how I feel about following an account that's named after this

Second from the left but the whole picture is the prize

we all know The Gap store exists between this breda's incisors

You poor, wearin your fathers clothes & "hanging tra" ass fuck!

I need you all to look at 's avi & tell me his porcelain looking black hair isnt a figment of my imagination..

& tell me this isn't his father

See this rat bastard here

Who names a wifi anything with "anus" in the name?

Meanwhile, in the girl's bathroom, this shit is being done...

RT : I'm at republic hall room 9A http://t.co/lbudx9Al

Buki got MLK putting his hands up saying "The Fuck Nigga!? this wasn't part of my dream!?"

RT : Yo that last tweet chale... I don't think I spelled that right. LOL?

RT : My Right Leg Has Been Useless For 4 Days Yo :(

I'm drunk in the jungle!

tigers, crocs & chicks that can contort into pretzels, kind sir

Shun you, Mighty Beach forever! RT : Bourke Street Pool tho

I bought this

So what Koraa was at this Trade Fair that we liked coming here like that? Is it this that impressed us?

RT : i am going to open a chop bar.. that is all

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