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Wahoooo! My BF RULES. He brought hm my bday present a day early. Chk it OUT!! So excited!! :-) Thnk U !

RT : LMAO "fck yo couch, nigga. Buy another 1!!!! #CocaineisaHelluvaDrug (LMAO....5 fingah....FACE)

Back of the ESPN RV.

This 5 yr old just rocked the skills comp. Boston () didn't beat the record but did it in 31 seconds #AS10

The bobblehead collection on the dashboard of the . Awesomeness. #AS10

The bobblehead collection on the dashboard of the . Awesomeness. #AS10

Thx T-Mobile! :-)

Why thank U Dallas, I DO feel welcome :-) It begins now, kiddies.

Boston: full of surprises. LOL So much 4 "Ur SO not ready 4 candlepin bowling, baby." LOL

Augh!!!! I now oficially have an entire set of Xmas Story garb/accessories/accoutrements thx 2 my GF Jen. YAY!!!!

My best friend got me these in my stocking. Awesomeness.

Xmas 2009. I got everything I wanted :-) ....and managed to NOT get worms LOL

Im@ Chicago OHare & thought of U. No chairs tho. Im declaring shenanigans cuz I REALLY need a bk rub

Boston () interviewing Rajon Rondo.

Boston interviewing Rajon Rondo.

Holy Snow Day in Boston, Batman :-)

24 hours into the trip, I have officially perfected the ability to say this.

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