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This is what happens.....

#30 ask your own question? If you guys got any questions tweet them to me and I will answer them!

#29 favorite food? Anything chocolate!!

#28 insecurities? That I won't ever be good enough,

#27 last thing you ate? A microwave burrito! Haha lol

#26 where would you like to live? On the beach in italy!!

#25 celebrity crush? Do you really have to ask haha!! James and Kendall duh!! Lol

#24 idea of a perfect date? A picnic on the beach! Nothing fancy just me and the guy I like!

#22 and 23 I have a really good relationship with my entire family

#19 fact about myself? I love playing my guitar, it was and that inspired me 2 start playing

#17 someone you love? Besides BTR...My puppy Charlie

#16 2 turn offs? Guys with long finger nails (yuck) and guys who are too cocky!

#15 2 turn ons? Umm... Really tall guys (like James and Kendall)

#14 favorite movie? Big Time Movie duh!! Lol

#13 relationship status? Right now I am currently single, but I am mentally dating all four BTR members! Hehe

#12 best friend? My best friend is sadly not on twitter, but I love him anyway! Hehe

#11 want any tattoos or piercings? Not tight now but maybe in the future

#10 tattoos or piercings? No tattoos and my ears are pierced!

#9 age you get mistaken for? I have had people ask me if I was 22!

#8 age? I will be 17 in 2 weeks

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