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Hey , this touching was totally consensual. Totally!

I love discovering rare cool tees. But I wonder if I could ever wear this shirt on ?

Don't drink and drive makes sense to me. Don't drink and fry... Um, WTF?

I think my hamper is racist. And possibly homophobic, I think that's what it means by delicates. Fuck you hamper!

1 day left!!! Make happen with your $25 donation & get the DVD plus this teeny toy.

Guess what underwear I had on when I interviewed Gary Oldman today. Only one guess!

I can't resist. I must ask this guy about his mustache. And The Dark Knight Rises, of course. #tinkerjunket

This #uglyholidaysweater with a cop pepper spraying baby Jesus beats my S&M Santa. Curse you Jesus!

Wait. An Atheist holiday sweater? What the what?! #uglyholidaysweater

Yes, there is such a thing as digital mistletoe. Darn it , you tricked me! #uglyholidaysweater

Last night's #uglyholidaysweater party 's place introduced the world to my delightful S&M Santa wear.

This #uglyholidaysweater with a cop pepper spraying baby Jesus wins!

Oh. That belt buckle? If you look really close, I think it's a cock with wings. Yep. It is.

Worst and windiest winter since I've lived in SoCal. It's so... blowy. BLOWY!

I'm positive that KFC's Famous Bowls was inspired by Thanksgiving leftovers. I mean, this would be better in a bowl.

I think you mean "epic" fail Grampa. It's epic fail. #epicfail #ourgovernmentatwork

Seriously considering these names for a duet at porn star karaoke at Sardo's. Unless you have better ideas.

Oh no way. Do not want. Maybe for .

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