Disgruntled A's fan. I see the value in advanced metrics. I do not, however, see the value in being a smug dick about them.

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This sign, in the same restroom, is even more troubling.

What a sad commentary on our society that this sign had to be created.

Staying up past her bedtime for the big game. #athletics

After 16 years with the same woman, I finally broke down and did it. #endofanera

Baby's just about outgrown her favorite onesie, but Dad can't let it go.

Buddy just caught an extra point.

#texas #rickey


I'll be available for a meet and greet after the 6th inning. No pictures, please.

On my way.

That's all you got?

I think the wife needs to cut back just a tad on the coffee. #kcups

Saturday cleaning leads to the discovery of the ticket stub of the first MLB game I ever attended. Almost 23 years ago.

These idiots are here, too. #roswell

Sharing a hotel with this moron. #roswell

"Coach, Happy Father's Day." #coachoftheyear #summercamp2012

Wife just gave me an early Father's Day gift. Bad timing.

Apparently, the wife believes the secret to surviving the impending 2012 doom lies with nature's nectar.

Yup. RT : Is her name really Mildred??

My dad just got in town for Thanksgiving. He came bearing gifts for his granddaughter...who's not due until March.

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