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As trill as it gets.

Most work on what theyll be in 2, maybe 3 or even 10 years... My focus is on me in 2060 & on

U gotta be kiddin me fam... the show must go on tho... Im a g bout mine

Er year i buy a box of cards for my son jus cuz if its someone who gon do big thangs, jus came across this KD box

Homemade buttermilk pancakes n Spring Cleaner:Terry Cloth edition? Dont sleep!

Yall think im playn?! Thas jus an aisle!

called proswitcher, palm pre interface, multitasking peep the pic

Finishd outtn the treadmill togethr last night, just christened it rite quick, damn its gon b on!!

The town.

Jordan #? i stopped keepin count a long time ago. Not in great shape, but still rockable $5

Some random nikes i've never worn.-$10

Shox BB4 black/red. 1st shox, hard to find. Worn to hoop in, still in good shape. $15

Jordan SE, dont know the #. Worn once for hoop, a few times around. Great condition. $40

Nike Team Shox Ups - $15. Good condition, still white, worn maybe 6x


i seen this the othr mornin tho

My son made this yesterday..he more creative than me @ 3 1/2! A hoop court?!

Aint too much messin w/ this

THIS my friends, is taking "nesting" to a whole 'nutha level! I hate moving... Last time my wife nestd the whole upstairs was guttd SMH

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