megan thorp


I'm a student nurse at SVSU. i am sadly addicted to ANTM and pizza. p.s... stay fierce.

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Happy valentines day. From the love dog..

Hello love...

It's like Christmas all over again! #nursing

Whiteys growing up. Now he's a man-cat!

Surgery tomorrow. He's not. Too happy about it..

Osmosis. I hope I pass. #nursing #nursingschool

It's to birthday

Really? Just couldn't fit another half piece on your sandwich?


I want new nail polish. Right meow.

Weatherdog says it's snowing.

Hard to see the snow. #puremichigan

I want to be her someday

Tea time.

I'm no doctor but I'll take a look. #nursing #studentnurse #ishouldbestudying

Downward facing dog. Pratt style.

Can I get in on this party?

All done.

Hold up.