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Best stocking stuffer this year. poster/ad covers back of sports section in todays #USATODAY


This is better than Trick Or Treat! Jess, Eric and Amanda stopped by before #GDEVENT Have Fun!

Happy Halloween!

als employees enjoy Halloween

Much better pic

This is why I still live in Iowa.

How cute is this!?

Dear God, Thank you for the beautiful St Pete sunrise. #Lionheart

She snuck up on Papas couch... watching for him to come around the shower... and then...pounce and roll!

Nana's little princess came to visit this morning to take me to the airport. Awwww

I took my frustrations out on a tree today. An axe is the best kind of workout.

The challenge fan winner with at the driver afterparty. GOOD LUCK!

What does everyone think of the 2012 paint scheme?

. #Dewtour heat 6 semi finals. Nice.

Awww little kid just told announcer Lizard is his favorite. came over and gave him his board #DewTour

Air at the end of heat three practice at #DewTour Championship

Brendon Villanueva on the rail #DewTour

#DewTour Championships presented by semi finals at #Hardrock Vegas

Favorite billboard ever